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Why we organize

Environment Is The #1 Thing That Influences Your Habits

Your habits are the #1 predictor of your future self.  When you show up as your best self, you're able to make a greater impact on the people and projects that matter most. 

So we start with what we like to call Environment Design

Because when we get that right, you'll experience a domino effect on the other three.


we organize this

so you can optimize these




Let's look at it another way

Our mission is to get you from where you are TODAY, to where you want to be TOMORROW.


Cluttered, chaotic

Elevated, effortless


Ineffective, inconsistent

Effective, consistent


Not the best version of yourself

Actively becoming a better version
of yourself


Minimal, sub-par impact on others and the world around you

Much greater and more positive impact on others and the world around you

Environment Design,
At Your Service

By leveraging a design-first approach, we create systems within your environment that make the formation of good habits feel easy and bad habits feel hard. Second, each system is implemented using the highest-quality products made with natural materials like glass, bamboo and acacia wood. (Never plastic!)

Daily life will not only look more elevated, but it will feel more effortless. 

+ Design Plan with DIY Implementation

+ Design Plan & FULL Implementation

+ design plan & full implementation for new builds


Working with Modern Villa isn't about a single day of organizing. 

It's about equipping you with an elevated environment that makes it effortless to develop better habits and execute daily tasks with ease — which create compounded improvements across multiple areas of your life. When things feel organized and in order, you free up valuable brain space to remain present with those around you, form deeper connections, and feel more alive. 

While I created Modern Villa as a life experiment to see what happens when doing what I love, it's allowed me to help you spend your time doing more of what you love, too. 


Courtney Witt

Get the Guide

Our No-Fail Kitchen Organization Guide

Learn 5 of the most important things to get right in your kitchen, complete with what to avoid and steps to implement a sustainable system. You'll also find our tried and true product selections, including save vs. splurge options to choose from.

Words can't even express how different the energy in my whole house felt with the garage being organized. Every time I pull my car in the garage I can't even believe it! I get so happy!

- Alex, Modern Villa Client

Your environment is the biggest, most important and most impactful thing you can change to favor your own happiness.

- Dan Buettner

Clearing the Path
So You Can
Continue Fulfilling
Your Potential

Imagine falling in love with the home you've created, rather than wishing you could escape parts of it. Get in touch to learn how we can design systems within your home to make daily life more effortless.

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