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Luxury home Organizing


Experience a fully organized & optimized home right from the start. 

This is a comprehensive, white-glove experience for modern families and professionals who are beginning the process of building a new home.

When it comes to a new build, people think architect, builder, designer — check. But there's a missing link no one ever talks about and that's the home organizer.

When you bring us in on the front-end of your new-build, we're able to partner with your builder and designer to ensure both aesthetics and functionality thrive. We can then ensure only good energy goes into the new house — only the things you love and use. So come move-in day, everything else will already be discarded, the drawers measured and installed with the necessary bins, and the closets built out and prepped intentionally. Your move-in will go effortlessly well, enabling you to enjoy your new home right from the start.


Allow us to help you avoid:

overwhelming decision fatigue

When it comes to the most nuanced parts of your home - think drawer placement and sizing, pantry build-out, and closet arrangement - you'll have our input to help you make a wise decision that's tailored to your family's lifestyle.

chaotic move-in day

Rather than stressing over where to put everything or taking months to unpack those boxes, we'll be two steps ahead of you, already placing things where they've been designed to go. 

errors and regrets

There's a lot to think about in a short period of time. So we consult on design decisions to ensure they're intentional and to alleviate the post-build feeling of "I wish we had thought of..." 

Bring Us In to Guide You From the Very Beginning

The reality is, renovations and new builds are almost always over budget and over schedule. The last thing you want is to later spend more time and money fixing things you end up feeling dissatisfied with, or that fail to function as you'd hoped. 

We won't let that happen

Personalized Environment Design

While it may sound like a confusing industry term, it simply means we consider the big picture of your day-to-day life. Our approach is not prescriptive, but completely tailored to your habits, behaviors and goals. 

We believe we all have far more potential than we realize. So Modern Villa strives to bring out the potential in your space, in order to bring out the greatest potential in you. 

Our approach is centered around

“Please DO NOT attempt to go to The Container Store yourself. Leave it to the professional, Courtney, and let her WORK HER MAGIC.”

I thought I was organized before, but wow I was so wrong. Courtney came in and helped us purge items we haven’t used since we unwrapped them at our wedding. She measured and purchased bins to maximize every inch of every shelf and drawer. We put systems in place that work for my husband, kids and me and now walking into my pantry feels calm — not like the overwhelming black hole it was. Please do not attempt to go to The Container Store yourself. Leave it to the professional, Courtney, and let her work her magic. PS My husband now requires I consult her on every house project — "Ask Courtney."
We trust her with our lives.

— Casey

“I love that we are set up for success.  We loved our experience and are thrilled with the final product!!

I highly recommend working with Courtney from the beginning if you are doing a new build. She gave us her insight into ways we could create a space that flows and functions efficiently. For example, Courtney gave her input regarding the layout of our pantry. She suggested replacing an entire wall of shelving with lower drawers, a countertop and outlets in the pantry while still keeping shelving above the countertop. We love this part of our pantry!! The only way we were able to do this was by getting her input in the initial design phase before plans were finalized. I am so happy we brought her in from the start!

— Lindsey

“You have a true gift and you make lives EASIER.

Coming into the studio this morning honestly brought me to tears. The fact that you cleaned up and organized everything so beautifully. You have a true gift and you make lives easier. Thank you Courtney. It really means so much to me and I just want to make sure you know that you make an impact on people's lives.

— Kirsten



During this extensive design day at your existing home, we discuss your personal habits, routines, pain points and goals. Followed by going over your plans for your new home, while weighing in on various design decisions and collaborating with your build team.


Once we have a clear understanding of where you're headed, we complete the clean-out of your existing home.


After the dust of move-in day settles, we then walk you through every inch of your newly organized space to ensure you're set up to seamlessly maintain it over time.


03 Measure

Once walls are up and cabinets installed, we're onsite and completing the necessary measurements to provide you with a custom design plan for final review.

04 Move-IN

As this exciting day approaches, we handle all product receiving and preparations in order to ensure the smoothest possible move-in. Every bin, basket and box will be carefully put in its place.

When you simplify, you  refocus on what matters.

Clutter, chaos and too much stuff not only derails productivity, but keeps you from operating at your highest capacity. Your home should be a space that encourages flow — spontaneous thought, deep work, engaged play, and enhanced creativity. By clearing the clutter and equipping you with an elevated environment, you're freed to become the best version of yourself. 

Sound like just want you need?

Let's ensure your dream build truly becomes your dream home.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can organize and optimize your home right from the start.