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The environment around you has a DIRECT IMPACT on your mindset, your mental health, and your daily habits. By elevating your environment, you also energize the people who live in it. 

As a busy, successful individual you're no stranger to time management, reducing waste, optimizing systems, and being as efficient as possible. Our mission is simply to help you make your home life no different. The demands on your time and energy are only increasing, so we design personalized systems within your home to make daily life more effortless. 


Order, Everywhere

Our luxury home organizing services enable you to access more ease, flow, and functionality, beyond just the walls of your home. We consider the full picture of your life and goals, by reverse engineering a snapshot of your day-to-day-life.

IN-DEPTH Design Day

UPFRONT Design Plan




Our Why

Clearing the path so you can continue fulfilling your greatest potential.

What we do goes beyond matching spice jars and cohesive pantry labels.

What we do, as James Clear writes, lies in the aggregation of marginal gains. It's about creating little habits and behaviors that add up and compound overtime, enabling you to become the best version of yourself — a kinder, happier spouse, parent, friend and boss.

Before Modern Villa

You wake up and trip around the bedroom, there's no space to get ready — let alone find what you're looking for, your closet feels like a disaster and trying to get dressed sends you into a panic, the kitchen is chaotic — the family keeps trying to shove things in drawers and cabinets, you can't bear to look into the laundry room, you trip over things in the garage to get to your car, there are stacks of paper on your desk and nowhere to put them, you can't decide if you feel more stressed leaving the office or thinking about returning home, as the morning situation repeats itself into the evening. 

After Modern Villa

Rise to only essentials on your nightstand — water, journal and a current read. Effortlessley complete your morning routine with clear surfaces in the bathroom, a beautifully organized closet with only the clothes and accessories you love, make your way into a clean kitchen where it's simple for everyone to enjoy breakfast, walk past the laundry room without it raising your stress levels, get into an organized car, start your work day with an empty desk, look forward to coming home, make dinner without a struggle and peacefully wind down in the evening.

The Modern Villa Method


The design process begins with an extensive in-home design day. We will discuss your personal habits, routines, pain points, and goals. Then, we take all the needed measurements and provide you with an itemized design plan for final review.


Next, the complete decluttering and organization magic takes place in one fell swoop. Every bin, basket, piece of clothing and box of food is carefully put in its place. 


Finally, your shoulders will drop as the weight of clutter falls right off. We then walk you through every inch of your  newly organized space to ensure you're set-up to seamlessly maintain it over time.

SCHEDULE YOUR design day

Rooted in personalied environment design, we take a holistic, sustainable and wellness-driven approach to creating systems within your home. Regardless of the size of your space or how many rooms you would like to see revitalized, we always follow these three steps.

Choose Your Experience

The Starter Villa

design plan with diy implementation

We create the vision and design, then you take the plan and implement it from there.

Let's CHAT

This is our foundational service, beginning with an extensive in-home design day. You'll receive a detailed design plan tailored to your lifestyle, with done-for-you measurements, an itemized product shopping list, and a complete roadmap for executing and sustaining it all with ease.  30 days later, we'll check in during a 30-minute optimization call to ensure all is functioning as desired. 

The Virtual Villa

ONE-ROOM online design plan, with diy implementation

The virtual version of our done-for-you service. We'll be there to guide you through clean-out and measurements, ensuring your efforts and product investments are worthwhile. Includes a 90-min video consult, personalized design plan, product list, guided DIY installation, 2 weeks of email support and a 30-minute optimization call.


The Complete Villa

design plan with done-for-you implementation

Go for the full transformation with done-for-you interior organizing for every inch of your home. Includes an in-home design day, done-for-you measurements, an itemized design plan, all product sourcing, purchasing, receiving, full installation, in-person reveal and a guided walkthrough. Includes a 30-day, 3-hour refresh to further optimize and identify needed solutions. 

Let's CHAT

The Brand New Villa

An entirely optimized home
from the start

Bring us in on the front-end of your new-build, as we partner with your builder and designer to ensure both aesthetics and functionality thrive. Includes an in-home design day, done-for-you measurements, an itemized design plan, clean-out of your existing home, all product sourcing, purchasing, receiving, full installation, reveal and walkthrough. Includes a 30-day, 3-hour refresh to further optimize and identify needed solutions. 




Leave as is.

While this may seem like the path of least resistance, the fact is, nothing changes if nothing changes. So you will continue to experience the same frustrations, irritations and tolerations. It doesn't require any time on the front end, but the wasted minutes add up over time (costing you money in the process) and your disheveled space continues to weigh on you.


Figure it out on your own.

We're the first to celebrate your efforts in organizing your space.  However, a spontaneous DIY approach often leads to mismeasurements (or no measurements at all), which means ill-fitting bins and baskets, and either leads to needing to make returns, or further contributing to the pile of things you don't use.  Best case scenario, you'll likely be able to make a noticable improvement, but it will only feel 40% of the way there.  Ultimately, you'll know it's not quite as efficient, effortless and functional as it could be. 


Outsource it to us.

This option may come with the highest initial price tag, and even a short-term investment of your time, but once it's done right, you can't begin to put a price tag on the time you get back, the money you end up saving and the peace of mind you gain.  When you fully outsource the organization to us, you're dealing with a professional who does this day in and day out.  You will get to return home to a space you're obsessed with and that allows you to become more present to the people and projects that matter most. 

From a time, money and energy perspective, which option will you choose?

i'm ready to outsource

My storage and organization are now driven by logic and ease, making every single day more enjoyable.

samantha | chicago, illinois

villa lincoln park

Courtney showed us how we could make the most of the space we have, saving us so much time, energy and money.

lindsey, eddie, charlie, camille & colette  | phoenix, arizona

villa rosemonte

I can easily keep what we have organized and stocked without having to demolish our cupboards.

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