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I am so excited to finally share Lauren and Arie’s home organization!

I started organizing for Lauren and Arie in June 2021 and installed their pantry the same day Senna and Lux were born! Their playroom was next and then we finished organizing their kitchen once renovations were completed in the fall. Check out their home tour to see all of their updated spaces.

Lauren and Arie It’s been so fun organizing for you throughout this past year. I am so excited for you, Alessi, Senna and Lux to finally enjoy your newly renovated house. Thank you for trusting me with your home I hope your organized pantry, kitchen and playroom bring you a sense of calm and joy throughout each day. I hope your drawers and cabinets not only look more elevated but make life feel more effortless. Cheers to all that is to come!

Sharing some of my favorite pictures and product links below. Reach out with any questions at @modernvilla__ or schedule a consult I would love to connect.

Pantry Organization

Pantries one of my favorite rooms in the house to organize. I love a good pantry transformation but more than that I love creating systems that lead to better habits. Here we placed healthier snack options front and center and made their oils and vinegar easily accessible for effortless everyday cooking.

Matte Black Slant Jars | Acacia Turntables | Glass Canisters | Black Wooden Bins

Acacia Turntables | Glass Canisters | Grid Baskets | Perforated Baskets | Matte Black Labels | Black Wooden Bins

Matte Black Slant Jars | 3-Tier Riser

Black Wooden Bins

Kitchen Organization

When it comes to kitchen organization, my goal is to make the inside of the cabinets as beautiful and functional as the outside. I love the look and height of Lauren and Arie’s cabinets the taller cabinets are great for items used less frequently, saving the lower drawers and cabinets for everyday items.

Every kitchen needs a designated space for Ziploc’s. Here are my favorite Bamboo Organizers that stay in place using the holy grail of organizing – Museum Gel. You can read all about my obsession with these here.

Ziploc Organizer

When it comes to larger kitchen utensils, drawer dividers are my go-to. I use a few varieties depending on the material and size of each drawer, but The Container Store and Neat Method dividers are my go-to’s. They vary in height and depth (shallow vs deep), so measure your drawers first before you find the perfect match. Creating lanes to keep like items with like is key.

Knives and spices two things I insist get OFF the counter and into a drawer. There is nothing more satisfying than wiping down your counters without having to first lift up multiple items. I swear by these Rev-A-Shelf knife and spice drawer inserts in fact, they are the only ones I use. They do need to be custom-cut (with a table saw only they will likely split otherwise) but it is always worth the extra time and energy. Move your knives and spices into a drawer and never look back.

Knife Drawer Insert | Cutco Knives | Spice Drawer Insert | Drawer Divider | Spice Jars | Spice Labels

Knife Drawer Insert

If you are in the process of building a custom home or renovating your kitchen, you NEED a hidden appliance garage. I highly recommend adding an electrical outline inside the appliance garage as Lauren and Arie did here to hide the cords and make everyday cooking even more effortless.

Smeg Toaster | Baby Brezza

I love organizing a coffee/tea station and elevating my clients’ morning routines. Also shout-out to Arie and his childhood racecar cup.

Acrylic Canisters

I love looking at organizing from a lens of habits and overall wellness. I moved Alessi’s plates, bowls, and cups from an upper cabinet to a lower drawer so she can create a habit of accessing these on her own as she gets older. The drawer dividers create lanes and lanes create sanity 🙂

Here we created a breakfast station so cereal can easily be taken out and put back in its place. The glass canisters are great for go-to smoothie and protein shake ingredients like chia seeds and flaxseed meal.

Cereal Canisters | Cereal Canisters 3-Pack | Acacia Turntables | Glass Canisters

Cereal Canisters | Cereal Canisters 3-Pack | Acacia Turntables | Glass Canisters

Shallow, Long Drawer Dividers

Shallow, Long Drawer Dividers

Deep, Long Drawer Dividers

Playroom Organization

When it comes to playrooms, my goal is to make toys organized yet easily accessible. I love these linen bins and magnetic labels from Neat Method, which are lightweight and can easily be taken down or put back in their place by kids of any age. I placed the arts and crafts up top so Alessi can’t quite see them, but they are still easy to access for Lauren and Arie.

Gray Linen Bins | Matte Black Labels

When it comes to arts and crafts, The Home Edit acrylic bins are a great solution. Six Tall Bins fit inside one All-Purpose Bin, which is great for organizing small items.

All-Purpose Bin | Mini Tall Bin | Glitter Foam Stickers | Foam Stickers | Jumbo Popsicle Sticks | Googly Eyes | Glitter Pom Poms | Pom Poms

Lastly, we went with these beautiful Serena & Lily baskets to store Alessi’s stuffed animals. When it comes to stuffed animals, I recommend a lidded basket. While they are an investment, they can be used long-term, easily transitioning from storing stuffed animals to larger blankets and throws as the kids get older. These lidded baskets are the perfect example of form and function keeping the room neutral yet inviting while wonderfully hiding all of the stuffed animals.

Serena & Lily Baskets

That’s a wrap! Reach out with any questions at @modernvilla__ or schedule a consult I would love to connect.

Happy Organizing!



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